Thursday, April 7, 2011


If you look at some of the other posts here, and the description of my blog in some of the links to it, you'll see the term "edible wild plants". That was the main goal when I first started writing for Slashfood a couple of years ago, but quickly moved into a couple of other areas: Frugal Food, and Low-Carb Food. With spring around the corner I wanted to mention that I hope to be getting back into wild edibles again. It's still a little too early for good foraging, but I'll be heading south later this month, and might be able to dig up a few things to write about there. Then, with May just around the corner, spring should be bringing forth a bounty of edibles.

We have a new habitat to forage in that I didn't have in my last two locations. The beach! I've already found a few places where there are abundant rose hips, prickly pear, glasswort, and sea rocket. See you on the trail!

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